Ten Things I Have Learned About Portland and/or the Supernatural World from Binge-watching Grimm

I’m moving to Portland from Seattle in upcoming months, so I am trying to prepare myself. Here’s what Grimm has taught me so far in the first few seasons.

  1. I’m going to need to learn to speak Medieval German, apparently.
  2. Most Portland crime takes place close to the river, with a minimum of three trailers in a state of disrepair in close proximity.
  3. Avoid any potions given to one by Hexenbiests. Also Hexenbiests get special discounts at most shops.
  4. Love of a good microbrew crosses species lines.
  5. Never go jogging with headphones in.
  6. Never enter a Portland cargo container. particularly at night.
  7. The term “Prince” can be misleading.
  8. Portland PD deals a LOT with Wesen cases, but inexplicably has missed their presence among humanity up till and including now. What else are they missing?
  9. You can pack an enormous quantity of cabinets into an Airstream trailer and still retain enough space to wave large weapons around, including elephant guns. Note to self: possible housing option?
  10. If you can get some Eisbibers indebted to you, you are set for minor household repairs and fresh produce for life. Note to self: definitely going to see about this one.
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World Fantasy and Nebula-nominated speculative fiction writer/editor. I read and write a lot.

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